What we do

Software Development

F5 Tech Solutions provides the best of the breed developers who are highly experienced, dynamic and well qualified. F5 Tech Resources take time and effort to imbibe the customer needs enabling them to deliver their best. We have wide experience in all software development.

Project Management

F5 Tech’s Project Managers are highly experienced , Qualified and have acute leadership skills and can be instrumental in the success of projects. Our Project Managers keep in mind the all the primary aspects of project - scope, time, quality and budget and come up with most optimized solutions.

Quality Assurance

F5 Tech understands QA is a vital part of the project and participate in all the Customer needs from the inception. F5 Tech resources have a track record handling very complex systems and are highly process oriented.

Database Management

Having come from ground up to this state we understand that all the work is always data centric and know the importance of a good Database Management. F5 can do a complete analysis, build and implementation and maintenance of current and new Database management systems with utmost professionalism.

Recruiting (permanent/contract/Staff Augmentation models)

F5 Tech is passionate about the whole recruiting process, We do our ground work to analyze the requirements. Our recruiters talk to the SME to understand the needs better, find the right resource, filter them using many of our in-house SME’s and deliver the right candidate for the requirement. We do the background check to ensure the credibility of the resource provided.

Smart Shoring

F5 Tech has introduced the concept of smart shoring to its clients which is a hybrid of On Shore, Off Shore, near Shore which considerably reaps long term benefits for our clients. Both F5 and our clients are in a win-win situation. It’s a win –win situation for F5 and its clients.